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Unmissable Reasons to Explore Reunion Island in June

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Reunion Island is a Picturesque Place and is the Perfect Tourist Destination for anyone looking for a memorable and exciting experience. Located between Mauritius and Madagascar, the island is full of Culture, Adventure, History and Beautiful Scenery. June is the Perfect Time to visit because of its Beaches, Fantastic Weather, Culture and Activities available. One of the best reasons to visit Reunion Island in June is the ideal weather. The island has a Warm, Tropical Climate with temperatures in the low to mid-20s. The Season is Perfect for Swimming, Sunbathing and exploring the region with Whales Watching in the Ocean.
The culture of Reunion Island is also worth experiencing. The island offers a unique blend of French, African and Indian cultures, with local traditions and culinary delights to explore. The island is also host to some amazing festivals and events such as the ‘Guava Festival and Safiko Musik Festival’.The cost of a travel package to Reunion Island is also relatively reasonable offered by our Destination Reunion Travel and Tourism Experts when viewing the variety of sites and attractions available. Tour packages include transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, and guide services – all for a passable price. There are also many direct flights from India to the Reunion Island Airports making it effortless to reach.
All around, June is the perfect period to visit Reunion Island for anyone peeking for an indelible and exhilarating vacation. With great weather, and plenty of activities such as skydiving, snorkeling, kayaking, rock climbing, and more with a rich culture to experience, Reunion Island is a destination not to be missed. With its lovely beaches, great sightseeing spots, amazing nightlife and scenic views, and exciting festive occasions, it’s the Ideal Destination for a Summer Getaway.
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Here are some of the Prominent Reasons to Visit Reunion Island in the Month of June:
June is the best month to enjoy the weather at Reunion Island

Warm Weather - Not as hot and Humid as the Wet Weather

Reunion Island typically experiences a pleasant temperature in June which makes it perfect for sunbathing and outdoor activities. The climate during the month of June is mild and is great for relaxing and sightseeing with lovely weather with lots of Sun Smiling.

Destination Reunion's Travel Best Tour Packages

Fascinating Tour Packages exist for Reunion Island during June from our Best Travel Agency – ‘Destination Reunion’, making it an ideal time for travelers to explore the island. Our Tour packages are designed to suit distinct experiences and needs, ranging from cultural tours to active adventure trips with lots of celebrations.
The nature is so beautiful at the Reunion Island

Awesome Adventures and Awestruck Nature

June is the perfect time to go on excursions to Reunion Island. From exploring the island’s exquisite landscapes and beautiful beaches to experiencing exotic forests, stunning volcanoes and majestic waterfalls, there are plenty of adventurous activities like Hiking, Snorkeling, and Kayaking as well as sightseeing of the Earth’s most Active Fiery Shield Volcano ‘ Piton de la Fournaise’ close and joyous occasions to accomplish during a stay on Reunion Island.

Reach Reunion from India

Now, it’s very much easier to reach Reunion Island from India by Air. There are Direct flights from several cities in India to Reunion Island, making it more comfortable than ever to plan a trip. Plan and Book with us your Air Tickets now from Chennai or Mumbai or Delhi to Reunion Island Tour through top Domestic Carriers in India smoothly.

Captivating Culture and Culinary Festivals

The Reunion island is home to a celebrated culture that is a combination of French, African, Chinese and Indian influences. During June, visitors get to experience the traditional music, dance, art and gastronomy of the people through the stunning Safiko Musik Festival, Thimithi festival which originates from south india, culinary and traditional fame – Coffee Festivals and the Island Star Guava Festival. These festive occurrences are celebrated and experienced with the thousands of Tourists on the island in June which portrays the diversity and inclusiveness of the culture with the travelers.
"Theemidhi" is an Indian festival, and it is greatly celebrated at Reunion Island

Guava Festival

In just over a decade, the Guava Festival has presented Plaine des Palmistes as its emblem. Plaine-des-Palmistes is where the largest guava extravaganza is seen during this June festival. Unsurprisingly, the juicy fruit Guava takes the middle stage and entices the lookout of thousands of visitors each year to the island’s trimmest community during the Reunion’s Guava Festival in June.
The significant cities and towns of Réunion all glorify this event with gusto, as markets and street stalls are infested with guava products where the Jam and fruit paste manufacturers welcome all lovers of sweet treats. Between the guava tree and the Reunionese, they love this fruit passionately for its sweet, slightly acerbic fruit and proclivity to blossom in nature.
June month is the festival season on reunion island so book your tickets now with the help of Destination Reunion Travel Agency

Safiko Musik Festival

In June every summer, the Sakifo Musik Festival makes the island of Réunion swing for three days and is noted as one of the top 25 Music Festivals in the World. This eclectic music festival has been taking place in Saint-Pierre since 2016 and is arranged into six different stages. Jazz, Pop, Rock, Electro, Hip Hop, Reggae, French Popular song and local blues all styles are represented. In earlier years, the festival welcomed National and International Musical Talents.

Coffee Festival

More than just a carnival of coffee, the celebration at Pichette – La Possession aspires to revive the elite of Reunion coffee growing and a centuries-old custom. It’s a remarkable event to travel back in time and take in the fragrance of “real coffee.” Coffee cultivation is indistinguishably fused to the history of Reunion.

So what are you waiting for?

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Best month for trekking at reunion Island is June
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